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Hamnvy ID

We offer custom developed decals to suit their purpose and to create additional digitalization opportunities.

Example of Hamnvy ID decal

Example of what our decals can look like.

Boat Decals

For marinas we have come up with the following solution:

  • The marina can put their own logo on each decal and do other design adjustments.
  • All boats, trailers and other items on the property of the marina gets unique decals.
  • The decals are connected to the individual customer and associated berth/area.

Example of Hamnvy ID on a sailboat

Boat owners chooses whether their contact details should be publicly available by scanning the decal's QR-code or entering it's address. The marina can always retrieve their customers details through the decal.

To enable easier management and better integration of the decals we provide our own web based application for end users. We call the service Min Hamnvy and more information can be found here.

Questions? Please don't hesistate reach out to us: [email protected].