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Hamnvy Admin

Hamnvy (meaning harbour-view in Swedish) provides a web-based software suite making administration of marinas easier. We are doing this by creating intuitive and easy-to-use user interfaces connecting drone photos with customer information. With our tools we allow marinas to save time doing repetitive tasks.


Software comes in two flavours for organizations with different needs:

  • As an extension to existing IT infrastructure. For example; we support importing customer data from Swedish boat union's member system BAS. In this flavour the platform provides additional support in recurring activities through it's accessible interfaces.

  • As a complete harbour management system, for the marina previously either completely lacking digital information management or looking for something more modern and easier to use. We provide tools for migration and help adapting our systems to your needs.

  • And everything in-between. Our platform is modular and we can collaborate and provide integrations to other systems.


Regardless of flavour selected, the harbour-view is key for the user experience and value. A view is made out of an aerial photo, sketch or drawing of the marina which is connected to the boat owner through interactive berth symbols. See example below:

Example of an hamnvy (harbour-view)

By clicking on a berth symbol, you can quickly read information about the boat and the boat owners contact means. A call to the owner is simply a button press away. Further can the user easily locate where a customer has his or hers boat by integrated search tools. Neither do the user need to be well-informed about the numbering of the marina berths, thanks to the harbour-view.

Create views

To create a view, an image file is required. We recommend drone photos from straight above and provides this as a service. The image is uploaded is uploaded through the software suite and then integrated tools are used to:

  • Create berths symbols connected to existing berth numbering and data
  • Adjusting the symbols sizes
  • Rearranging symbols to nicely align with the marina's piers.

Administration of permanent berths

The administration work accompanied with permanent berths is extensive. As an harbor master or administrator with harbour-views provided from Hamnvy you get a better overview of your operations.

Vacant berths

By visually differentiate empty berths (displaying them in another color) the user can immediately go through and evaluate possible options when a potential new customer is on the phone.

Unsuitable berths

Through our advanced search tools the user can identify boats that are too small for their berths and can be moved. That's just one example, but unlimited of search terms and conditions can be combined together.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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